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Aurora Aviation Academy is a member of the Aurora Aviation Group,

which has a 20 year history of providing aviation related services,

both Helicopter & Airplane, including Pilot Training, Charter Operations and Aircraft Maintenance.

Founded in 2019, Aurora Aviation Academy has quickly grown to now 5 Flight Training Locations in 2 Provinces.

Aurora Aviation Academy is focused on providing you with the

Best Quality, Safest and Most Professional Flight Training Experience available!

Where many other flight schools might treat their Students as "just students",

we aim to treat you as a Valued Guest, whom we are lucky to serve!

Some flight training programs are focused on only one type of Student,

but we are looking to provide the full spectrum of Pre-employment Flight Training,

from ab-initio (from the beginning), through

Private, Commercial, Instructor and Advanced Flight Training Programs.

Our students are able to use RESP funds for their Flight Training,

and may be able to access government vocational programs, in order to offset the cost of flight training.

We are happy to issue you with a year-end T2202A Tax Slip, for all tax deductible training we have provided.

We are happy to answer any and all of your questions, and we look forward to helping you experience the Joy of Flight!

Let us help you to develop the skills and knowledge required to be able to safely and efficiently reach your Pilot Training Goals!

Please check out the detailed information provided in this website,

and then contact us with all of your remaining questions.

We hope that you will come to LOVE FLYING as much as we do!

Let's get you Started on your Aviation Journey!


We are Canada's Fastest Growing Flight School!

Aurora Aviation Academy is Canada's Fastest Growing Flight School, with More Locations Than Any Other Flight School in Canada!

We Offer the Full Spectrum of "Pre-Employment" Pilot Training Programs.

We Often Hire Our Students, As New Flight Instructors,

Providing Them With The Experience They Need To Launch Their Pilot Careers!

We Are Focussed On Providing You An Excellent Customer/Student Experience!

We Have Decades Of Air Charter Experiece!

We Take A Very Professional Approach To Pilot Training

We Have A Safety Management System (SMS) Which Far Exceeds Industry Standards

We Integrate Technology Into Our Training & Operational Systems


Whether you want to fly recreationally,

or in support of your business,

the first step is to get your


pilot career training

There Has Never been

a better time

to get your


advanced training

Night Rating, Instrument Rating,

Multi-Engine Rating,

Instructor Rating,

and More!

2 Year diploma program

Earn a COLLEGE DIPLOMA, while you Earn your Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Rating, Instrument Rating & Instructor Rating!

You can even EARN while you LEARN!

Are You Looking To Get Your Pilot Licence?

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Mail us at:

6200 Tronson Road

Vernon, BC, Canada, V1H 1N5

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