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Flight Instruction and Ground School

Flight Instruction

Flight instruction is conducted in two ways: dual instruction, where the student pilots the aircraft with an instructor on-board, and solo flights, where the student practices in the aircraft on their own.  The air exercises included in training cover general aircraft handling skills, instrument flying, and cross-country flights, where the flight is conducted more than 25 nautical miles from the airport with navigation and other flight planning done in advance.

Transport Canada provides all flight schools with the requirements and standards for training the various licenses and ratings.  Depending on the type of license or ratings, you will be instructed on all or some of these flight lessons, as provided by Transport Canada:

1. Familiarization
2. Preparation for Flight
3. Ancillary Controls
4. Taxiing
5. Attitudes and Movements
6. Straight and Level Flight
7. Climbing
8. Descending
9. Turns
10. Flight for Range and Endurance
11. Slow Flight
12. Stalls
14. Spiral Dives
15. Slips

16. Take-off
17. The Circuit
18. The Approach and Landing
19. The First Solo
20. Illusions Created by Drift — Low Flying
21. Precautionary Landings
22. Forced Landings
23. Pilot Navigation
24. Instrument Flying
25. Emergency Procedures
26. Radio Communications

Ground School

Ground School is where we learn the theory to conduct safe and efficient flights as a pilot.  It is conducted primarily online with weekly video sessions facilitated by an instructor, however is also available in a self-paced home study course or with the addition of classroom group or one-on-one study.  Self-paced, the completion of the ground school prepares you for the Transport Canada written exam that is required for most licenses or ratings.

Transport Canada also provides all flight schools with the requirements and standards for ground school instruction.  Topics covered in Ground School include the following:

1. Aerodynamics
2. Theory of Flight 
3. Meteorology
4. Airframes, Engines & Systems
5. Flight Instruments
6. Radio & Electronic Theory

16. Navigation
17. Flight Operations
18. Licensing Requiremnts
19. Human Factors
Pilot Decision Making
21. Instrument Procedures and more!


Licenses, Ratings and Other Training


  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Recreational Pilot Permit

Ratings and Other Training

  1. Night
  2. Multi Engine
  3. Instrument
  4. VFR Over-the-Top (OTT)
  5. Mountain Flying Check-out
  6. Currency and Insurance Check-outs

Recreational flying on your own or with a friend and family.
Daytime flying in any Canadian Registered four-place airplane with maximum one passenger in Canada.
Easy upgrade to a Private Pilot License.

Hourly Rates

Transport Canada requirements are minimum training requirements.  It may require additional instruction to meet the competency standards to hold the license or rating, hence the range of costs listed in the Licenses and Rating section, from Transport Canada minimum requirements to a National average.  Program and course pricing above is based on the following aircraft and instruction rates:

  • Cessna 172 Dual Instruction: $280 per hour
  • Cessna 172 Solo Rental: $220 per hour
  • Twin Piper PA30 Dual Instruction: $490 per hour
  • Twin Piper PA30 Solo Rental: $415 per hour
  • Instructor Rate: $60 per hour
  • Instructor Rate (Multi/IFR/Instr): $75 per hour
  • Private Pilot Ground School: $610 (Online Course and 12 Weeks Group Study)
  • Commercial Pilot Ground School: $795 (Online Course and 18 Weeks Group Study)
  • Instrument Ground School: $510 (Online Course and 12 Weeks Group Study)
  • Instrument Ground School: $510 (Online Course and 12 Weeks Group Study)

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